Santa wanted to speed up his Naughty or Nice List-checking process this year so he could spend more time doing what he loves—eating cookies! He reached out to our team at BRIO to develop a tool that would double-check his list for him, so he only has to check his list once, not twice!

Help Santa by telling us what you were up to this year. Did you listen to your teacher? Were you nice to your sister? Did you take your dog for a walk? What about the times that you maybe did things you weren’t supposed to do? Make sure to include it all so SantaAI can confirm for Santa that you were Naughty or Nice!

Dear Santa...

Why would anyone build an AI for Santa?
Great question. The folks at BRIO are nerds at heart. We love learning and sharing which is why we help organize the Philadelphia Cloud Technologies User Group. At our most recent meetup, two of our BRIO wizards whipped up SantaAI as a way to talk about data privacy and security in AI models. We thought it was so cool that we wanted to share it with the world (and also give Santa a little bit more time with Mrs. Claus this holiday season). If you are also a nerd and want to read a little more about the tech behind SantaAI click here.